As our fast-paced society continues to move ever faster, the aviation industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. Just like the industry itself, the number of insurance products available for these clients is vast. At Pipino, we focus on two areas within the aviation marketplace – Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) and aircraft owners.

Securing coverage for aviation risks is much more complicated than filling out submissions and requesting quotes. Because key members of Pipino’s aviation service team are aircraft owner/operators and have managed FBO operations, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with strategies and recommendations that are on target.

We have been “on your side of the desk.” Our team has experience in operating nearly every aspect of FBO/Airport operations, including Part 135 Charter, Part 145 Repair Stations, Part 141 and Part 91 Flight Schools, airline ground handling, aircraft management and pilot services. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of “open pilot clauses,” insurance requirements of your service agreements, insurance requirements contained in leases, insurance requirements for vendors and suppliers.

Our certificate monitoring services are specially designed to provide service for aviation related risks, such as public airports with multiple tenants. This service is also key to the process of transferring risk to aviation manufactures from aviation parts wholesalers/retailers. We provide coverage for:

  • Business and pleasure
  • Corporate and industrial
  • Commercial air taxi service
  • Training aircraft
  • Antique and classic
  • Sailplanes
  • Experimental and home-built
  • Aerobatic competition
  • Non-owned aircraft
  • Aerial firefighting

Pipino maintains relationships within the aviation community to ensure we are abreast of this ever-changing business environment. Our team members serve on the ORBAA board as advocates to General Aviation and to gain early insight on industry changes.

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