At Pipino, our team of professionals will help you make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for; and if you aren’t, make recommendations to get you where you need to be.

Often times the word “audit” carries negative connotations which can be intimidating. In the insurance industry, however, audits can actually be a good tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your current insurance program. At Pipino, we routinely conduct coverage placement audits for businesses and individuals. We identify strengths as well as areas for improvement and make recommendations as to the appropriate actions to be taken for each — all with the goal of making sure “best practices” are being followed. The results are often eye-opening. Implementing the recommended corrective action can result in significant cost reductions. Let us evaluate the benefits for your particular circumstance.

To take advantage of this service, Pipino does not have to be your insurance broker. Client information is held in the strictest confidence. To request an audit, please call us at 1.330.726.8177 or visit the Contact Us page.