Claims Management

Claims management is a key component in the risk management process that is often overlooked by traditional insurance brokers – at Pipino, it is paramount. Ingrained in our culture is the commitment to cost-appropriate and effective resolutions for clients’ claims. We understand that successful claims management is relationship-driven. Based on our thorough understanding of each client’s business model and the specific industry in which they are operating, we develop and implement claim handling protocols which measurably reduce the financial impact of claims on your bottom line – claim cost reductions that significantly impact the reduction in future premiums. The Pipino difference is measured by our ability to:

Pipino’s success is measured by our ability to:

Pipino is committed to providing our clients with the finest state-of-the-art risk management tools. For more than 30 years, we have perfected a platform for the collection and retrieval of client-specific data which is used by our claims professionals to resolve your claims efficiently. Our proprietary system provides real-time access in a userfriendly format for each client’s claim activity, both current and historical. Customized reports and detailed financial information is garnered for trend analysis and safety and loss control analysis to control the cost of claims. Clients also have the ability to review reports online relating to their claim activity and other insurance information stored in the system.