Alternative Risk Strategies

Retaining a portion of your risk through a large deductible or self insured retention can be financially advantageous, but before making this decision, you must fully understand all underlying implications. This has been, and continues to be, an area of specialization for Pipino. We have perfected the ability to achieve an artfully crafted balance between asset protect and your appetite for risk.

Most often, insureds look to these types of alternative risk strategies only when coverage in the insurance marketplace is cost-prohibitive or unavailable. Pipino’s expertise is our ability to structure cost-effective strategies into traditional coverages purchased. We guide you through the process, examining the feasibility of appropriate deductibles and self-insured retentions, funding options and allocation premiums for these assumed corridors of risk, as well as risk transfer options. We provide the necessary analytics to determine appropriateness for each element of the program. We then monitor your assumed risks, keeping you informed through loss forecasting, triangulation, and collateral analysis/reduction, to name a few. We pioneered an allocation methodology which is based on industry-specific, auditable criteria.

Pipino pioneered the development and utilization of captives in the real estate industry and continues to be a leader in this sector. We determine with you if a captive concept of some type is feasible for your particular risk then structure and administer the entire process for you. Pipino’s financial alternative risk unit maintains strict Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX) compliant processes to ensure the highest level of professionalism is maintained.

Critical to the success of any alternative risk strategy is sound administrative oversight and tight control over assumed risks. Your Pipino team includes the most professional, experienced personnel in each of their respective areas. We also provide the necessary support services including for alternative risk strategies including claims management, safety and loss control, third-party risk transfer and certificate of insurance monitoring under the Pipino umbrella.

At Pipino, we understand the potential impact alternative risk strategies can have on your income statements and balance sheets. While no one can completely eliminate risk, we can help you gain control and reduce your total cost of risk.