Insurance Coverage Placement And Quality Control

Placing insurance coverage is a crucial step in every risk management program. Before beginning the process, your Pipino team will conduct a comprehensive assessment based on your risk profile and your “appetite for risk.” From this assessment, we make recommendations on appropriate limits for each line of coverage, giving consideration to the feasibility of deductibles or self-insured retentions, to determine which insurance markets should be approached for particular types of coverage. Your Pipino team then crafts a program tailored to your expectations that provides the best protection for your assets. We are not bound by arrangements with insurance carriers that benefit our financial situation at your expense. Rest assured, when it comes to coverage, your Pipino team will provide the best options for you.

Complementing our risk assessment skills, two areas of distinction for Pipino in the coverage placement process are the preparation of market submissions and on-going quality control for policies in force. We know precisely what information underwriters need to produce the best product at the best price for you. Pipino exceeds expectations by manuscripting coverage endorsements that enhance your coverage beyond traditional coverage forms.

Once the policy is purchased, it is essential to confirm that all is in order. This process is so vital to your insurance program that the service is performed in-house by members of your Pipino account team. Although some insurance brokers outsource this process, we believe it is essential that such a review be performed by experts familiar with your situation and that have direct involvement in the insurance placement process because it is too late to correct a deficiency after a loss.

At Pipino, we understand that attention to detail is an art form all but forgotten in today’s instant gratification environment.