Understanding The Total Cost Of Risk

Does your current insurance broker understand the total cost of risk? Traditional insurance brokers believe buying a policy for a specific risk is all that is necessary.

Insurance coverage, however, is only one component of a risk management strategic plan that protects your assets. At Pipino, we artfully craft a plan that focuses on the TOTAL COST OF RISK. This includes controlling claim costs, employing safety and loss control engineering, implementing contractual risk transfer, as well as formulating a game plan to address those risks which are considered “uninsurable” by traditional means. Pipino offers dedicated professionals whose expertise is focused specifically on each of these key areas.

When it comes to insurance products, one size does not fit all. Your Pipino account executive knows what types of coverage are the most beneficial and which ones can be eliminated. They then select the policy terms and conditions that are the most favorable to your particular situation. Long-standing relationships combined with our risk management expertise result in our ability to secure the highest quality coverage at the most competitive cost.

Paramount to the entire process is Pipino’s concierge customer service. Each client is assigned an account executive who implements the client’s strategic plan and bears the ultimate responsibility to ensure that all the client’s expectations are met.

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