Pipino Partners

Looking to bring some additional expertise to your insurance program? The Pipino Partners concept gives you the ability to incorporate Pipino risk management services while maintaining your current traditional broker relationship.

Here are some examples of how a Pipino Partners collaboration can benefit your program:

Having a difficult time securing coverage for a particular risk? Take advantage of our industry expertise and market clout for placement of specialized lines of coverage. We can secure the most cost-competitive coverage for your specific situation.

Alternative risk strategies can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the game. Pipino pioneered alternative risk financing strategies. We design and develop programs that incorporate deductibles and self-insured retentions and have successfully administered them for a large number of clients.

Claim costs rising? Have your insurance adjusters been paying too much to settle your claims? Pipino’s in-house claim professionals have industry-specific expertise which provides a significant advantage for our clients in controlling claim costs, which in turn reduces insurance premium costs.

Safety and loss control engineering can help lower your total cost of insurance, but only if you’ve got the right expertise. Pipino‘s experts are well-educated in many safety and loss control disciplines including developing and administering training programs, crisis response plans and risk assessments.

Are you maintaining proper third party risk transfer protocols with Certificate of Insurance collection and monitoring? Utilize our proprietary web-based certificate monitoring.